Born in the USA

Embracing Who We Are

One thing that runs true in this company is that we are proud to be Americans. When the vision of Misguided was born, the first thing established was the idea of delivering homegrown clothing made in the USA to our customers. This wasn't up for debate. 

There were several talking points that I wanted to touch upon when I started typing, but I can't get away from how the COVID-19 virus has exposed serious risks that come with our global supply chain. A small run of Chinese factories closing has since sent US and European based manufacturers into a frenzy of how to combat a potential lack of product, causing buyers to brace for financial implications. There is not a doubt in my mind that this crisis will pass us as quickly as its come on, just ask the Kardashian family group chat. 


Before it passes, I think it's time for both consumers and manufacturers to sit back and look to see how we can be better prepared for the next crisis that interrupts life in the United States and around the world. What's one way that we can take precaution to mitigate such a risk? Manufacturing more products domestically is a great start.



1) Jobs/Labor Standards 

Outsourcing labor overseas is cheaper, there is no arguing that. Supporting US manufacturing creates jobs outside of that manufacturing line that benefit more than just those on manufacturing lines. These "support" jobs include farmers, freight employees, and those running business operations at a manufacturing facility. One sole reason why labor in the United States is more expensive is because our workers have guaranteed rights enforced by both federal and state governments. 


2) Higher Quality Products 

There's a reason that 72% of consumers check clothing labels to see where an article of clothing is made, we associate different levels of quality with different countries. A label reading "Made in the USA" carries a standard of excellence in the eyes of consumers which is why all of our product pages proudly show this as a badge of honor. 


3) Reduce the Deficit  

The United States trade deficit sits at an intimidating $600 billion. I'm not saying that Misguided will be knocking that figure down by any noticeable figure, however we all can do our part to buy American made products in order to help this figure to go down.


4) Environmental Impact 

You didn't think we'd leave this out did you? Well, we didn't forget! Government regulations at both the state and federal level hold manufacturers to a higher standard than those that are widely used in South America and Asia. With US production, manufacturing also cuts down on supply chains. This greatly eliminates pollution and was emitted from transportation. 


Final Thoughts

Moving back to Misguided, we offer a collection of organic clothing made in the USA. We were able to check our boxes of helping to create a need for US-based manufacturing jobs, offer high-quality affordable clothing, do our small part in prompting to reduce our large trade deficit, and prioritize the environment as part of our initiative.

There have been and continue to be times of extreme frustration in finding out that we can't work with a manufacturer(s). Whether it's because of lack of clarity on where a product is coming from or finding out that it's really only final touches that're done stateside (but claim domestic manufacturing on their website), we have had to end numerous conversations. We are fully committed to keeping our product offering stateside and can't wait to grow our offering with you all.  

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