Our Story #HappilyMisguided



More Than Clothing

Our strongest aversion is to those accepting to settle into living uninspired lives and accepting this status-quo. There is so much out there for us to seek. People need to live pursuing adventure and it's time to prioritize that in our way of life.

To those who aren't afraid to duck ropes for fresh powder, leave the dock during a small craft advisory, race your speedometer past triple digits, or live to get that pit in your stomach, you are the Misguided. We're here for your journey.

We grew tired of uninspired clothing and wanted change that. More importantly, we want to do this with you. Misguided is about fostering a community of like-minded people who unite through awesome clothing (slightly biased).
To rise above the noise and unite around a community of people who seek to be connected by the joy and pride of human achievement.

 The Difference

To offer thrill-seekers a line of high quality, eco-friendly, sustainable apparel and accessories, proudly Made in the USA. We are proud to give back by donating 10% of purchases to a cause of the purchaser’s choice. We invite you to share your story, share your adventure and be part of the journey.