Our Impact

Apparel is only a piece of what Misguided is - we have a deeper desire to connect with everyone and everything we touch. One of the most important things to us as this idea became a reality was finding a way to donate to causes that we are passionate about. We are here trying to make a difference in the world for those who need it because what is success if it isn’t shared? 10% of each purchase will be donated to one of the below charities and you have the power to decide where each donation goes!


We are currently working with charities supporting:

  • victims of traumatic brain injury
  • veterans and families of fallen veterans
  • rescuing dogs that are trained as service animals
  • cleaning and protection of ocean life
  • and providing clean drinking water to those in need around the world


If you feel there is a foundation we are missing? Feel free to reach out to us via email at customer@misguidedonline.com and we will look into it. We're excited to have you be part of our journey of giving and are proud to give you the power of where donations go.